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By virtue of visiting this website means you are either a professional photographer or you are strongly considering being a hobbyist. If not you are probably doing some research on the best digital SLR cameras available in the market today.

What ever the case, the point is you must be past compact digital cameras and are looking into something much better.

Digtal SLR cameras are obviously the best choice and up until recently they were known and accessible to a select few because of their high cost and functionality.


Now any one can buy the best digital SLR camera and reap the benefits that hobbyists and professionals enjoy.

So what makes up the best digital SLR camera? The answer is not an obvious one - it is all in your specific requirements. After all this is the reason why this range of cameras exist, to offer customizable capabilities. We will not necessarily go out of our way to make a long list of the best digital SLR cameras but we will point out specific attributes inherent in all the best DSLRs for you to be able to easily spot the best when you lay your eyes on it. Of course we will list a few of our best choices as we go on.

The first thing that motivates someone to look for the best digital SLR camera is the quality of the image taken. This is especially because users tend to have differing usage needs like macro photography, where the photographer may want the DSLR to take a great close-up photograph and micro image such as taking a clear image for a bug or an action photograph like one for sports. So the best digital SLR camera must be able to take all these with ease.

For a DLSR to do this it all boils down to the features; what makes a digital SLR great is what it is capable of doing and whether that capability satisfies the photographer. It is all about the lens, the ISO, the sensor size, and pixels. We have separate articles dedicated to each of these on the site.

For one, the best digital SLR is supplemented by buying a good lens. We mentioned in another article that If you want the best digitl SLR lens for a portrait photo the try the Pentax SMCP-FA 50mm f/1.4, for a landscape photo try the Nikon Tokina 12-24mm f/4 AT-X Pro DX AF and for the best action lenses you can try out the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM.

We have talked about this one disadvantage of digital SLRs - the problem of the sensors catching dust when the user changes lenses. This can turn into a nightmare as the dust particles show up in the images and cleaning the sensor might be costly. So the best digital SLR camera should offer a Self-cleaning Sensor. The Self-cleaning sensors vibrates to prevent and eliminate digital SLR sensor dust. This usually takes place when switching the camera on or off.

Built-in Anti-shake: The best digital SLR camera also offers and anti-shake feature. Most often when we take a photo your hands tend to shake uncontrollable. This might lead to the image coming out blurred and far from great.

One of the great things about digital SLRs is their speed embedded in their optical system. So when you want value for money, the best digital SLR should provide speed. For example, the best DSLR is one whose Eye-start Autofocus engages the moment you bring the camera up to your eye. You don't want to buy one that engages the autofocus when you press down on the shutter release button.

Other features to look out for in finding the best digital SLR camera is the extended dynamic range whereby you can produce better detail images even in compromised lighting situations.

In summary, the best digital SLR camera should be fast - take up to 10 frames in a few seconds , have accurate auto-focus , superior at taking pictures under low light, i.e. must have higher ISO speeds to eliminate graininess, have , higher resolution image sensors (see our article on digital SLR sensors ), and a good digital SLR lens .

The best digital SLR camera does not come cheap, no not at all so when you want the best be ready to part with the best of your income.

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