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There are plenty of places to buy a digital SLR from but the buying process should not be taken likely. Buying a digital SLR camera is not as cheap as buying a compact digital camera hence it must be done with great care.

This is why we have put this article for you so you can empower yourself with useful information before you go hunting for one.

We would like to start by making you aware that because digital SLR cameras are built for expert users or hobbyist - you must be sure that you know how to use the manual settings and control.

Don't buy one unless you know you will be ale to manage or can find a tutor to help you through. You also need to consider the lenses, the flash and other accessories that make up a fully functional digital SLR camera. When you are buying a digital SLR camera, the body is one of other steps to consider before you are ready to press and shoot. Let us do a quick review of the features you should consider when you want to buy a digital SLR camera.

Before you buy, start by asking yourself if you really need a digital camera or an analog would still see you through in your line of business or area of interest in photography. Secondly, how much can you afford to spend? Set a realistic budget so you won't sweat trying to find a camera to suite your limit or find yourself buying an expensive one that won't do you much good. If you are not comfortable with the idea of interchangeable lenses then consider buying a high quality digital SLR-like camera/advanced digital camera. It does all the functions of a digital SLR but without the detachable lenses and a few other elements that you shouldn't really worry about.

  1. Image quality: the lens and image sensors play a major role in producing a quality image. Now before you buy a digital SLR, you should look at the options for these components. Find a manufacture that has a high reputation on producing these.
  2. Mega pixels (MP) shouldn't be the major determinant when you want to buy a digital SLR camera. It is possible for a low MP digital SLR camera to produce a better quality photograph than a high MP compact digital camera. This all goes back to the sensors. If you must consider MPs then the 16.7-megapixel Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II and 12.4-megapixel Nikon D2xs can do.
  3. Be concerned about control over exposure, color and white balance. Look at the burst speed, the ISO range and other things like battery life.
  4. Speed: you need to buy a digital SLR camera that takes a picture when you want it, not one that will stall for a few seconds a miss a great shot. Digital SLRs now offer a response time that's equal to or better than that of a traditional SLR so don't be fooled.
  5. Features and specifications: having so many different brands of digital SLRS means each one of them try their best to offer unique features and specifications to their digital SLRs. Some systems offer program modes designed for specific types of photography, such as landscape, portraits or action.
  6. Budget for other things other than the body of the digital SLR. Thinks about the batteries, the different lenses you may need for different events. Consider buying two of each if you have the cash like a spare battery and compact flash car. You will also need a flash unit such as a Canon speedlite and a good quality.
  7. Consider future additions: when you buy a digital SLR, you will need to plan for the future - as you get into the flow of things and need to expand you usage capacity of the camera you will find yourself having to buy some expanded lenses and filters.

Lastly let us end by saying that digital SLR cameras are very expensive and you do not want to lose your money through being careless by not ensuring that all is safe and also by not making sure that you are buying a digital SLR camera that will satisfy your photographic needs and not in a competitive spree to try and match up with the Jones next door.

So to minimize the risk of buying through the internet, make sure that the website you are using is encrypted (secured). Try to check reliable reports about the company you want to buy your digital SLR from. There are many other recommendations to make but at the end of the day our recommendation is, do not buy from a seller that you are not sure of. To try and contain the costs of buying a digital SLR camera, you can start by buying cheaper digital SLR cameras that are under $2000 such as the Nikon D50, d70, Canon EOS digital Rebel, and the Rebel XT.

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