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We are going to start off this two part series with an explanation of how a digital SLR camera takes a photo. Because we understand that some

people are looking for a dummy's guide to understanding DSLRs, we will try to be as detailed as possible.

A digital SLR camera looks like any normal big digital camera but it's different in the manner in which it is used. It is a digital camera that enables the user to see the picture exactly as it is without being altered by any digital components inside the camera.

This makes the quality of the picture very good as there is less "noise" to spoil the image. You see, in a compact digital camera the image that you see through the viewfinder/ eyepiece or the LCD screen is digitally generated i.e. the lens captures the image and sends it to your eyepiece or LCD through "wires" fitted inside the camera while in a digital SLR camera the image is taken to the viewfinder by mirrors and lenses that reflects the image from one mirror to another.

Well, this is an over simplification of the explanation but in essence this is how it works. Here is how it works, the light goes through the lens as we all know. The mirror picks up the light and sends it through the condenser lens to the 5-sided prism (pentaprism) and then to the user's eye. When the photographer takes the picture the mirror swings upwards to allow the light coming through the lens to be sent straight to the image sensor.

It must now be clear what we mean when we say in a DSLR you see the exact image without any alterations. Of course this means better quality.

We said earlier that what you see on the viewfinder is the exact image but in most instances it is not 100%. This is why it is important to consider the viewfinder coverage and brightness when reviewing features of a digital SLR. The truth is most often the image coverage can be 95% but a naked eye would never be able to spot the difference.

If feel like you are not ready to use a fully manual camera, don't worry yourself too much, all digital SLR cameras come with automatic settings, and provide you with transitional steps that can help you make a swift transition from being an average user to a professional one.

Now we will go over some features that makes a digital SLR camera different from all other consumer cameras. Click the link below for more information.Hope we did not frighten you too much because it gets better. Let us move on to part two of explaining the digital SLR camera. We are going to briefly and clearly go through other features that defines a digital SLR camera.

>> Part II: Key features that gives identity to a digital SLR

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