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Digital SLR cameras are making photography an enjoyable experience. The quality is unsurpassed but of course it comes at a major price.

Most consumers cannot afford to buy these expensive cameras but there is a better option - the digital SLR-like cameras or semi pro digital SLR cameras.

Some also call it the advanced digital camera. We are going to use these words interchangeable in this article.

A digital SLR -like camera has a fixed lens as opposed to an interchangeable. If you have been reading some of the articles in this website you must be aware that a digital SLR lens is one of the key features that give a digital SLR its unique identity.

So to make the advanced digital camera to be comparable to a digital SLR camera the manufactures have made them to have great zoom lenses but of course they cannot match the quality of a custom built lens. Most of the lenses found in semi-pro digital SLR can only zoom up to 7:1 zoom ratio range e.g. the Fujifilm FinePix S9100; to about a 12:1 focal-length range with the Canon PowerShot S5-IS. Looking at it on the bright side, owning a semi-pro digital SLR gives you the best of both worlds - as in you get a fixed zoom lens which eliminates the risk of dust accumulating on the imaging sensor from the changing of an interchangeable lens.

While digita SLR cameras have no preview features, which means you can not see the photo until you have actually taken it - it is possible with the semi pro digital SLR camera. This means that like compact digital cameras you able to see the results at an instant and can adjust on the spot to get the desired result. Some of these semi pros have a movable LCD screen which can be used instead of the viewfinder. The LCD screen also conveniently enables the user to review the stored images.

These advanced digital cameras do not offer an optical electronic through the lens view like digital SLRs do. Instead they use an electronic view finder (EVF) as well as an LCD screen. This means that the electronic viewfinder found in the semi pros shows a digitally generated image whereas in the digital SLRs, the viewfinder shops an optical image. Now this makes it quite clear that the EVF image is more likely to have some lag-time, which might be a bit frustrating when you want to take a picture within a twinkling of an eye.

Some popular semi pro digital SLR cameras include, Canon Digital Rebel (300D), Olympus SP series like the Olympus E-1 , Coolpix - the Nikon models such as the Nikon D70, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC V and DSC R series, the Panasonic FZ , Canon EOS 20D, Canon Digital Rebel XT, EOS 350D , and some Fujifilm FinePix models such as the S9000. These cameras have great features, take the finest lenses and produce good quality prints.

Before you make your choice, it is important to consider the reason why you need a digitl SLR-like camera. Consider the features that you will need and then go out on your quest to compare prices for the cameras with those specific features. For some of the cheapest prices around, look at Canon Digital SLR Cameras at They also include customer reviews.

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